Why All of Us Should Bow Down To Air Conditioners

All the rumors and different opinions might lead you to think that air conditioners are not as good as the manufacturers present them to be. These things maybe are deriving from people’s experiences, but they are not necessarily true. People claim that air conditioners bring more harm than benefit to us, but in my opinion, all of that happens because some of those people are misusing them.

Every air conditioner comes with a manual description on how to use and maintain it, and if you are not following those rules, you are putting your health at risk. Change filters regularly, service them if you notice that they are malfunctioning and watch out not to set the temperature too low because you can catch a cold or disturb normal functioning of your respiratory organs and other parts of your body.

Here’s why I find them really useful and why I think they are wonderful inventions:

Hot Summers
hot summer.jpg
During those hot summers when we are struggling to breathe and even move during the day, an air conditioning device may come in handy. If you know how to dose cooling properly, you won’t experience any side effects such as getting sick. Of course, when you are all sweaty and your body is hot, it would be unnatural and unhealthy to expose yourself to a temperature that is low. This is why you need to keep your temperature up to 10°C lower than the outside temperature. Don’t go any lower than that because your body will suffer consequences and your AC device will also have a shorter lifespan if you abuse it.

Less Humidity

The level of humidity in your home should be somewhere between 30 and 50 percent. Anything lower or higher than that is considered harmful for your health. In homes where humidity is high, which often happens during the summer, people can experience difficulties breathing and different allergies because mold and harmful bacteria will multiply in such conditions, and the furniture is also frequently ruined. AC systems can efficiently solve this kind of problems and make the environment you live in healthier.

Less Dust
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Air conditioning systems work by cooling and filtering the air in your homes. Their filters that need to be changed or cleaned regularly are responsible for this. This means that all the filth and dirt from the air you inhale daily will be cleaned if you have an air conditioning device in your home. Analyses say that we spend 90% of our lives in our homes, so if you want to make sure that you are living in a healthy environment, you need to think of things such as this. It is recommendable for people suffering from allergies to have a device that will purify the air they are breathing.

Smoke Free Zone
Those of you who smoke in their homes should definitely have an AC device or at least a ventilation, especially if you have kids. Cigarette fumes are really dangerous and can be the cause of many different diseases, so if you are not responsible towards your own health, you should at least be responsible towards other people’s health. Air conditioners will lessen the smoke present in your homes and prevent it from remaining on your walls, curtains and furniture. However, if you want your home to smell good and be less polluted by cigarette fumes and you refuse to quit smoking, you can always choose to smoke outsides or set up one room where you are going to smoke.

Bad Odor
Any bad smell will vanish easier if you have an air conditioning system installed in your home. The source of bad odors is usually the kitchen or the bathroom but it may also be the attic or the cellar. Needless to say why it is so, you can easily remove bad smells from your home with a couple of fresheners, regular aeration of that rooms and, of course, by turning on the AC unit. Say goodbye to all that unpleasant odor once and for all.
So, if you were hesitant about acquiring one of these devices, I hope that this will change your opinion. You don’t need to trust everything bad you hear, sometimes you need to search for different opinions in order to get a full picture.


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