6 Most Destructive Foods for Your Teeth

Let’s be honest, we all hate going to the doctor’s office but, out of all the checkups you can get, the dentist is by far the worst. The check up itself is uncomfortable, with all the poking, mouth stretching, prodding and so on. The fix up is quite a bit more unsettling and we all strive to avoid spending longer periods of time in the dentist’s chair. If you want to keep your teeth away from the drill, you need pristine dental hygiene and a good diet.
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Adjusting your diet in order to keep your teeth healthy can seem bothersome, but it will help you keep them healthy, improve your overall health and it can keep you away from the dentist’s office. I’m not suggesting that you keep these foods out of your diet completely, but try to avoid consuming them on a daily basis. Here are some of the most dangerous culprits responsible for your squirming under the ruthless drill of your dentist.

1. Hard Candy #

We are all aware that sugar is the arch nemesis of human teeth around the world, but hard candy, like lollipops, can do some serious damage. I know, I know, lollipops and jawbreakers evoke childhood memories and make you feel young again, but when you were a kid, you had the advantage of having baby teeth. These are permanent and thus, you should avoid these sugar coating, teeth cracking sweets.

2. Sodas #

Most of us enjoy a cold soda from time to time, but these fizzy drinks can be very damaging for your teeth. When Plaque (a bacteria commonly found in our mouths) comes in contact with sugar, it provokes an acidic reaction, which has a devastating effect on our teeth’s enamel and through that, sets good grounds for cavities. Sodas of all kinds can become very addictive and while the effects carbonated drinks have on our health may still be a subject of debate, their effect on our teeth is rather straightforward.

3. Ice Cubes #

This is one of the worst habits that you can develop when it comes to your teeth. I know it can be fun and refreshing to chew on some ice cubes from time to time, but unless you want your teeth to become weaker and eventually break, then I advise you avoid doing this. This can especially be dangerous when you make ice cubes from various drinks (especially sodas) or while consuming ice cubes along with sweet beverages.

4. Canned Fruit #

Fruits have a lot of sugar as it is, but when they are industrially processed, they are combined with, guess what… even more SUGAR! While fruit is healthy and is recommended as a part of everyone’s diet, canned fruit isn’t the same thing. It has a devastatingly aggressive effect on your teeth and it causes cavities very fast, so you should definitely show some restrain when it comes to these sweets.
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5. Coffee & Black Tea #

We all need a boost in the morning, but these two most commonly used pick-me-ups are really bad for your smile. These two are especially dangerous if you are a passionate consumer of one (or both) of these drinks and you enjoy them more than once a day. Discoloration is the first thing you should notice and after that come the cavities and bad breath. On top of that, some people drink coffee and tea with sugar and these drinks become ultimate teeth assassins.

6. Vinegar## #

A lot of meals contain vinegar within them and recent studies have shown that vinegar-heavy foods have a 30-80% increased chance of producing decayed teeth enamels. While it may be a big part of a lot of recipes and has a very large influence on the taste, try not to overdo it.

Fixing your teeth isn’t just bothersome and uncomfortable, but it is also very expensive. You should probably avoid these types of foods in order to keep your teeth healthy and your wallet nice and fat. Going on regular checkups to a dentist’s office can also help you avoid ever getting into situations where your teeth might need serious work. Small fix-ups cost less so don’t be silly… do not avoid your dentist for long - you will need complicated procedures.


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