How to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

The winter season is upon us (you though I would say “Winter is coming” didn’t you?) and it is high time that we start preparing our home for the low temperatures that are impending. While most people assume that all you need to do is crank up the heating and you are ready for winter, there is a lot more stuff that you need to manage if you want a worry free winter. Now, now, don’t be lazy, imagine rectifying your mistakes in the middle of winter with a raging snowstorm going on. In winter, I like to leave my home only when I absolutely have to, and doing home repairs is not in my best interest. I suggest that you keep this in mind when gathering the motivation for the winter home preparations. Here are the things you need to focus on.

1. Garage preparation

We all like to work around the house in the summer. All those summer projects need to take the backseat during the winter and make room for winter tools. Get your snow blower in working condition and make sure that you prepare the shovels, gravel and salt in order to manage snow and ice gathering in your driveway. You want to have easy access to all the necessary tools if you end up needing them on the fly.

2. Winter storm preparation

You can never be too careful when it comes to your family’s safety. Snow storms are not uncommon and are getting more severe year after year. This is why being prepared for an emergency is an essential part of winter preparations. In case of a power outage and/or traffic collapse, you need to be ready to sit things out until the weather improves or until help arrives. You should include non perishable food, 2 litres of water per adult, warm clothes, flashlight with working batteries and a radio in your emergency kit. Make sure to never, by any chance, forget about a first aid kit. You never know when a disaster can strike, and you should be ready.

3. Pipe preparation
freez water.jpg
Ok, one of the more common problems during the winter are frozen water pipes which not only stop the water flow within your home but can also crack and flood your home. Now imagine managing a flood in the freezing cold. Not very entertaining, isn’t it? This is why you need to pad your pipes before the real cold starts. This is something you can do yourself, but if you run into any issues, you can also ask for advice at your local hardware store. Unprotected pipes are a disaster waiting to happen.

4. Check for heat loss

This might seem as a small issue but it is far from it. The costs of keeping the house warm during the winter are big in ideal situations, now imagine how much more they can cost you if you keep losing heat. This is a complicated process since you can lose heat in a lot of different ways, and you should read up on that so that you can put a stop to your money going out the window, literally. You should do a check-up each winter, just in case.

5. The thermostat
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It is important to be sure that your thermostat registers the temperature in your home correctly. A malfunctioning thermostat can cost you a lot during the winter. Also, don’t let yourself go when arranging the setting on your thermostat. In a lot of cases, people are their own worst enemy when it comes to spending money on winter heating. Self-control is a big issue here, so make sure you take this into account. Winter time can be very pleasant, regardless of how low the temperature goes if you just make sure you have prepared your home to handle it. This is why most smart home owners take care of this before winter truly kicks in. If you let winter catch you unprepared you are going to end up in a lot of trouble. Don’t be lazy and manage all these things before New Year’s Eve, and let yourself have calm and relaxing holiday time. Good luck!


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