Things You Need to Know When Starting Your Blog

Blogging is very popular nowadays, a lot of things are happening on various horizons, and people always love to express their thoughts on a given subject, find those who agree and those who disagree, and incite interaction between one another. Thing is, popular blogs have a great potency to be a lucrative asset for business, and if your blog website has high quality content, you may even earn some money and become famous. Of course, it is tricky to become a renowned blog owner from the very beginning, so be patient, persistent and try to utilize some of the following tips, and there is a chance you will become a respected member of the online community.

Design a user friendly and attractive website
This is one of the essential parts, believe it or not, and at the same time, it can be just useless if the content on your blog is shallow, but I’ll get back to that. The purpose of a well-designed website is to be alluring for the newcomers, to inspire curiosity and will to investigate further. With a user friendly interface, you can ensure that your visitors will be encouraged to stay on your page. Take a look at blogs like Medium and Urban Times, it is quite easy to get around, and really easy to blog. Try coming up with some catchy name like “Up to date (Uptodater)” or “Speak your mind (Speakurmind)”, clearly, these would be the names for some general blogging platforms, in the event that you want to make an online corner for a specific topic, the name of your website should be something that indicates your field of interest.

Find a good way to make your existence known

First thing you have to do, even before making your website, is find a good online domain. This is not actually hard nor expensive since a lot of online web hosting services are available and they offer discounts all the time, usually in the form of coupons . Ask your friends and family members to share your website page on social networks or share some content from your website so that more people will notice you. Clearly, before you start doing this social media buzz, you need to make sure your blog has something to offer and that it already possesses a variety of articles. That is why making a blog with more general subjects has a greater chance of acquiring more visitors, but on the other hand, great number of those visitors may want to take advantage of your blog. Basically, people use blogs to promote their own websites, and they try to link all sorts of things in the articles, which are not even relevant. Once other users notice this, you will no longer be taken seriously, so make sure that you only approve quality content.

How to blog

Here comes the most important part, your content. Before you begin advertising your blog, you need to enrich it with relevant content. It is because of this reason that you need to take some time to write the content on your site and include relevant links and good pictures. Find friends who are willing to help and share their insight on certain topics that you wish to include in your blog. It is important that you do not blog just for the sake of blogging and provide some cliché advice and general wisdom. Have a website that is really capable of providing people with good advice and something useful which many of them don’t know already . For example, in your health and fitness section, do not write things like eat less and exercise more, that is just common sense. Explain the whole diet and its benefits, explain the types of physical exercise and how to do them properly, provide videos if needed etc. Additionally, if you want to be taken seriously, make sure your articles do not have spelling or grammar mistakes, use the language in a more complex manner to create an impression of professionalism. If your arguments are justified, elaborated, and make sense, people will turn to you more often. Your objective should be to keep this kind of content coming and encourage people to share your blog as well. Make sure you proof read the content, preform website maintenance and clean up the articles which you would categorize as spam.


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