6 Things You Really Don’t Want To Do While Wearing Braces

Opinions are divided when it comes to wearing braces - some people love it, and others not so much. Honestly speaking, braces have their good and bad side, and if you learn how to cope with them, you will forget that you are even wearing them. Don’t be frightened with other people’s experience with braces. After all, we are all different and each of us experiences things in a different manner. However, there are a few things that will bother you slightly and everybody who wore them knows that you shouldn't…

Kiss someone with braces #

French kissing with braces can be a bit awkward, but if both sides wear braces, it might even get a little bit more uncomfortable. Situations such as this are likely to end up rather funny - the two of you tangled in each other’s wires and elastics. If you don’t mind this - go ahead, but you should know that apart from embarrassing yourselves, you can damage your braces, your teeth and injure lips this way. The same goes for those who wear braces and whose partner has oral piercings. This can end up being one really painful kiss - so watch out.

Chew bubblegum #

If you are annoyed by all the food and bad breath that can be caused by wearing braces, you should opt for hard mints. Chewing bubblegum might seem possible, but try it and you will see. Eventually, your braces will be covered in bubble gum and it will take hours until you are able to take it all off. Braces have so many parts (brackets, wires, bands, elastics), and a sticky substance such as bubblegum will easily penetrate to each of these parts making a mess in your mouth. Not only that you are going to make this your own problem, but you are also going to cause problems to your dentist as well. Additionally, there are special types of braces, which are pretty good for this issue…

Eat caramels #

Let us remember all the parts of braces: First, there are brackets fixed on our teeth, wire and elastics that will hold the wire, and last but not the least - molar bands. Sometimes, these are not put on your molars, but they are usually put on the last teeth in line in both the upper and lower jaw. Putting molar bands that resemble rings is the most uncomfortable part of fixing braces onto your teeth. Your dentist will have to cement them onto your molars, and no matter how strong this fixing solution is, you can still damage them. Eating caramel sand and similar chewy candy can create a vacuum and cause the loosening of bands. If you want to avoid putting them over and over again, you should avoid caramel as much as you can.

Slide your tongue across the braces #

This is self-explanatory - don’t touch your braces with your tongue if you want to avoid hurting it. There are many parts where you can hurt your tongue, especially at the end of the wire. You can put some dental wax on these endings if they are hurting your mucous membrane.

Eat hard food after changing the wire #

Each time after you change your wire, your teeth will get numb and hurt a little bit. This is a period of just a few days when you should avoid eating solid food. Those who are stubborn enough and want to bite a fresh apple or a chocolate bar will be sorry for doing this. The pain will teach you a lesson if you don’t believe my words. If you really crave for certain types of solid food, at least make sure that you cut it in really small pieces and let them soak in your mouth before you start chewing.

Play sports without a mouth guard #

Those of you who like to exercise, play basketball, volleyball and engage in other physical activities that include interaction with others should wear mouth guards. Some of these sports can be pretty harsh. All sorts of accidents can happen, and if you are wearing braces, you will be at constant risk of hurting your lips, tongue and even other people. This is why it is so important to wear one. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.


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